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2111 Students Graduate in 2019 From IUM


Today, IUM graduated 2111 students in various fields of studies including Masters of International Relations, Diplomacy and Management that was conferred for the first time in the History of Namibian Education.

Other new qualifications also conferred for the first time include Masters in Public Policy and Management and Master of Science in Tourism.

Speaking at the grand occasion, the IUM Governing Council and Founder of the University Dr. David Richard Namwandi expressed gratitude at the honour of serving the University as its chair. He thanked the government for creating a conducive environment for the private sector in which the University operates as not-for-profit institution.

Dr. Namwandi further praised the University’s efforts to strengthen research and consultancy through its Swakopmund Research and Consultancy Centre, complemented by the research undertaken at Masters and PhD level together with the University’s international strategic partners.

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