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A Night of Inspiration with the Renowned Entrepreneurs


Dr. Banda Shilimela, Dr. Erastus Shapumba (Chicco) and Hon. Dr. David R. Namwandi during the Entrepreneurs Motivational Talk

IUM together with the renowned entrepreneurs, Dr. Banda Shilimela and Dr. Erastus (Chicco) Shapumba hosted an Entrepreneurs Motivational Talk on the theme ‘the Power of Entrepreneurs’ to engage and transform IUM final year students, graduands and alumni, as well as all young and aspiring Namibian entrepreneurs into an economic trajectory.

At the event, both Dr. Shilimela and Dr. Shapumba shared their entrepreneurial journeys to success and insights into the opportunities and challenges aspiring entrepreneurs might face.

Also speaking at the same event, Honourable Dr. David R. Namwandi, Founder and Chairperson of the Governing Council advised all entrepreneurs, to mention but a few, to write their visions physically somewhere where they can read it and remind themselves about why they always wanted to do it and to never lose sight of their visions because of external pressures. He also indicated that for entrepreneurs, self-motivation was always key.

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