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Mr. Paulus Haukongo, HoD of Marketing Management at IUM, Mr. Benedict Odhiambo, Dean of Faculty of Stretegic Management, Mr. Danny Meyer, Guest Lecturer and Mr. S. Belhadri during the Guest Lecture

Faculties at IUM have a strategy of working closely with the industry experts in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice in learning, hence exposing students to the practical aspects of the industry and its practices by bringing the captains of industry to share their experience. As a result, the Department of Marketing Management under the Faculty of strategic Management recently held an Industry Guest Lecture for the fourth year students under theme “Recents Trends in Marketing.”

This initiative was specially introduced to groom and give students a practical feel of the marketing world and how it was evolving as well as its impact on the general trend of business. This initiative further aimed to develop cordial relationships for IUM as University and the Business and Commercial world at large.

The guest lecture was addressed by Mr. Danny Meyer, a renowned Social Entrepreneur, Marketer, Writer and Director of SMEs Compete.

He imparted important lessons on the importance of SMEs which form the backbone that drives industrial development in any economy. He nothed that it was vital for the youth to venture into SME’s to create employment for themselves as well as contribute to the development of the country.

On the topic of recent trends in marketing, amongst others, he highlighted that the right identification of the customer in the business and dividing customers into segments contributed to 50 per cent of the venture successes in modern marketing as opposed to conventional mass marketing. He further noted that increasing visibility; a feature of marketing which revolves around how a business is viewed by customers and potential buyers, paying a greater focus on customer experience, and choosing a right and meaningful logo for business were all essential aspects in modern marketing.

Meyer used the platform to encourage students to take out investments while they were young as a way of creating and building wealth.

The post-presentation assessment indicated that the impact of the industry guest was a success as the students expressed that they were enriched and highly inspired, and had a deep level of interaction with the industry guest speaker. Industry guest lecture programme is a continuous engagement in all the Faculties at IUM.

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