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CIIP - A base for the Improvement of Institutional Management Performance


The IUM Centre for Improved Institutional Performance (CIIP) strives to improve professional management performance at all levels in the private and public sectors.

In pursuing this ideal and driven by good governance and integrity, the Centre trains individuals, groups, and institutions by means of Career Development Programmes, consultancies, and commercial research. This significantly improves communication and bridges gaps between managers and junior staff of public and private sectors.

Further, the Centre runs languages courses such as English, French, and German.

The courses offered range from Certificates to Executive Diplomas in a duration of 6 to 12 months.

CIIP courses are offered across all IUM campuses in Namibia.

For more information contact the Director of CIIP, Mr. Joel Talbot at 061- 4336000 or visit the website, www.ium.edu.na/faculties/Short Courses

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