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The Department of Software Development under the Faculty of Information Technology and Systems Development hosted a programming competition for its students in October at Dorado Park Main Campus.

The first of its kind, the main objectives of this competition were to inspire students to develop creative minds, encourage invention and innovation within students, recognize, and award creative and innovative talents. Moreover, this was a platform for students to examine and enrich their programming skills in accordance with what they learn as part of their curriculum.

Thirty (30) students from the Business Information Systems (BIS) and Digital Communication Technology (DCT) courses participated in the competition. The students were divided in groups of four to five to ensure that all the academic years were represented-first, second, third and fourth. The groups were named The Philosophers, Silicon Valley, Td Pioneers, the Code Loaders, Grace Carriers, and Smart Tech.

The groups were given five questions to create different programming systems, but had to choose three only. The first question was to develop a Contact Management System which is similar to the contact manager in cell phones. The second question was to develop a Copycat SMS system that duplicates and sends back text messages to the sender during the time when the receiver does not want to attend to the phone. The third question was to develop an Age Gate system that would, for instance, prevent students that are not registered IUM IT students to participate in the competition. The fourth question was to develop an Employee Record System that manages employee records by having the options for adding, listing, modifying and deleting employee records. The last question was to develop a Special Media Overload system that outlines the number of friends one has and at the same time determines the time spent with each friend on social media.

The judges assessed each group on what they had developed. The winners were chosen based on the group that managed to find the best solutions. The judging criteria were delivery, coding standards, documentation (including flow chart and algorithm), runtime and efficiency. The judging panel was comprised of representatives from the companies who partnered with the University for this Event from New Point E-Solutions, Mobi Pay and Omalaeti Technologies.

The TD Pioneers group took the firstt place, and walked away with N$ 3000, one laptop and two internships at New Point E-Solutions and Omalaeti Technologies. The Code Loaders group was the first runner up and received N$ 2000, one laptop and two internships at New Point E-Solutions and Omalaeti Technologies. The second runner up was the Smart Tech group, and walked away with N$ 1500 and an internship at FMS Global.

The sponsoring companies applauded IUM on its newly introduced IT programmes for 2017 such as the Master of Information Communication Technology. They, furthermore, vowed to provide assistance in programming projects for students to work on in order to enhance their programming skills further.

Next year the competition is expected to be bigger as it will be open to all IUM Campuses across the regions.

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