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IUM confers Honorary Professorship to Dr Simon Gicharu.


The International University of Management (IUM) continued its tradition to honour outstanding entrepreneurs within and outside Namibia's borders during its 12th Graduation Ceremony which took place on 26th September, 2016. Dr Simon Nyutu Gicharu, a Kenyan, was the recipient of this year's honour, with the title of Honorary Professorship, Honoris Causa, bestowed upon him. He is the Chairman and founder of Mount Kenya University the biggest private university in Eastern and Central Africa.

Mount Kenya University started with a small loan of U$ 220 (equivalent to N$ 3,140) from Equity Building Society with the small loan he established the Kenya Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme, working in partnership with a local church in rural Kenya to offer basic computer training to young people. He faced many problems which he was able to overcome to the extent that the small training programme was in 2008 awarded a Letter of Interim Authority by the Commission of Higher Education in Kenya to operate as an independent university under the name Mount Kenya University (MKU).

The US$220 Kenya Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme has grown astronomically to become an US$400 million (N$ 5.7 billion) university. The MKU has to date become an international university with 14 Campuses in Kenya, one in Rwanda and another in Somaliland, and has a presence in Uganda, South Sudan and through partnership with IUM, MKU has a presence in Namibia to enable IUM to offer a wide range of postgraduate programmes which it cannot offer on its own at present. Mount Kenya University, the largest private university in East and Central Africa, employs 4,000 people and has a projected student population of about 50,000 students

The IUM Council was also convinced that Dr Gicharu is a person who is compassionate for those who are less fortunate than himself. He has formed a MKU Foundation to enhance the university's impact especially in areas of education and mentorship (especially for women and the girl child), maternal health, research in communicable and non-communicable diseases and enhancing access to clean water. Many of the Foundations activiti4s shows a University with a high sense of social responsibility, including the following projects:

  • Digging of boreholes to provide clean drinking water to over 70,000 people in remote villages of Turkana country at a cost of U$ 40,000
  • Provision of toilet facilities to 300 pupils of Canaan Primary School at a cost of U$ 10,000
  • Giving scholarships to bright students from all over East Africa who come from disadvantaged backgrounds at a cost of U$40,000.
  • Setting up of a graduate enterprise academy to offer three month free residential training in entrepreneurship to university alumni at a cost of U$ 400,000

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