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IUM has continued to make significant strides by expanding in different areas to ensure that the University offers academic programmes of the highest quality.

This year new significant developments have been achieved and IUM has built its capability in different ways ready for 2018.

The Curriculum of the University has undergone a complete revision. A total of 25 brand new qualifications have been introduced while another 28 qualifications have been extensively revised and updated.

The University is determined to move beyond being a simple traditional university where a student attends lectures, writes exams and submits a thesis before graduating, to being an entrepreneurial university, where students are trained to go a step further and turn their ideas, research papers into business ventures. Entrepreneurship and innovation courses have thus been embedded throughout the curriculum from first to final year. With such an innovative approach, the University is geared towards ensuring that students graduates not only with their academic qualification but also with a viable business start-ups thereby creating employment for themselves and others.

The University has brought on board Adjunct/Visiting Professors from reputable international Universities to support its entrepreneurial and innovation agenda. The Adjunct Professors who are experienced individuals with many years of experience will add value to the work of the University in research, teaching, and mentorship of both students and young academic staff.

IUM has also strengthened itself through strong collaborative arrangements with local, regional and international organizations to add value to its intellectual outcomes which includes strengthening the eLearning platform, access to online research and academic resources, and research proposal writing opportunities for staff. Some of the Universities which IUM has recently signed MOUs with include Mouth Kenya University, the Southern University of USA, and the ICT Africa University, among others.

IUM has also recruited new professors whose diverse areas of expertise have built upon the remarkable dedication to excellence in teaching and learning at IUM. The numbers of staff with PhDs is thus expected to increase even further by 2018 following the introduction of the new programmes.

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