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IUM to Establish a Student Entrepreneurship Development Programme


The International University of Management (IUM) and Wadhwani Foundation have signed a memorandum of Understanding on Entrepreneurship Development.

Through this collaboration, IUM will introduce and/or strengthen entrepreneurship education through deployment of a systematic approach to optimise and increase the impact of lecturers and training programmes in entrepreneurship education. The University will, furthermore, provide students with the opportunity to become entrepreneurially skilled and inspired to be entrepreneurs, as well as enabling aspiring graduating students who start meaningful ventures by connecting them to accomplished platforms and related entrepreneurial support systems.

The collaboration allows IUM to join an international network of non-profit organisations to provide practical entrepreneurship education, using a blended learning approach for students. It will also provide students access to an extensive technology learning platform on innovative entrepreneurship content.

The IUM entrepreneurship initiative is aimed at current students, alumni and graduates from other tertiary institutions, and it will effectively train them to become job creators and not only job seekers. Students will be introduced to key traits and the DNA of an entrepreneur, and be given an opportunity to assess their own strengths and identify gaps that need to be addressed to become successful entrepreneurs. The programme will also enable students to innovatively pursue their own business ventures and work with experienced mentors locally and internationally.

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