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IUM Inaugurates New Chancellor

Bishop Dr. Shekutaamba Vänö - Väinö Nambala, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia being robed during his inauguration as the 3rd Chancellor of IUM


IUM witnessed yet another historic occasion as the University inaugurated Bishop Dr. Shekutaamba Vänö - Väinö Nambala, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia, as its 3rd Chancellor and at the same time, bid farewell to Bishop Emeritus Episcospus, Dr. Kleopas Dumeni, who retired as Chancellor of IUM.

In his acceptance speech, Bishop Dr. Nambala noted that he was challenged to be at the helm of IUM as a Chancellor with expectations; to carry along the same vigour the two previous Chancellors kept during their tenures. His task, he said, was not only to be the head, but more so to promote and take the interest of the University higher than ever before.

The new Chancellor further called on everyone of good heart and every lover of education to contribute their God given skills, talents, knowledge, advices and other tangible resources to IUM.

On his part, Bishop Emeritus Episcospus, Dr. Dumeni who joined IUM in 2005 expressed that he was leaving with a heart filled with gratitude and thanks. He noted that during his journey, IUM recorded a great number of success stories and evolved into the dynamic University it is today and thus called on the entire IUM community to collectively continue with their commitment to the future of IUM.

The Founder and Chairperson of the Governing Council, Hon. Dr. David R. Namwandi applauded Bishop Emeritus Episcospus, Dr. Dumeni for his astute, moral leadership, patient and wise counsel, humanity, humility, and fraternal guidance during his period. Hon. Dr. Namwandi also thanked the retired Chancellor for the many successes that IUM achieved under his guiding hands and eyes.

Hon. Dr. Namwandi further welcomed the new Chancellor to the IUM family whom he described as a national figure of high respect and repute, a distinguished public servant and son of the soil, an academician in his own light, an international educator, a social activist and person who was well versed on Namibia’s pervasive search and struggle against poverty for the upliftment of Namibians.

Moreover, Hon. Dr. Namwandi stated that the chancellorship of Bishop Dr. Nambala came at a time when the moral compass of the world was being rocked; when basic human values were rapidly disappearing. Hon. Dr. Namwandi, however, expressed trust and confidence that the new Chancellor’s leadership skills were equal to the task.

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