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IUM Reviews Old and Develops new Qualifications


Dr. Demus Makuwa, Director of Quality Assurance and Management at IUM

Over the past 18 months, IUM completed the review of its registered qualifications in consultation with stakeholders. The exercise resulted in the revision of 28 qualifications and 30 new qualifications thus bringing IUM’s total number of qualifications to 58.

The review of the qualifications and development of new ones is in compliance with the University’s registration and accreditation conditions set by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE). The NQA requires that qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) be reviewed regularly to ensure that the qualifications “remain fit for the intended purpose”.

The regular review of qualifications at IUM is also in keeping with the requirements of the institution’s own quality assurance and quality management policy. The systematic review of qualifications is one way in which IUM responds to the evolving demands of the labour market; maintains high standards of qualifications; and, demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement of all aspects of service delivery.

In addition, the review and development of qualifications is part of the university’s strategic development. As a University whose motto is “Global Hub for Management Science and Information Technology”, the offering of quality assured qualifications that are useful and relevant to the changing global economy is a matter of top priority.

Dr. Demus Makuwa, the Director of Quality Assurance and Management at IUM, pointed out that students would benefit from the reviewed and newly developed qualifications in two main ways; namely, they will undertake academically and professionally stimulating studies based on the latest developments in Science and Technology; and they will be equipped with modern skills and knowledge in order to be employable, self-employed and/or become creators of employment.

The reviewed and newly developed qualifications will be rolled out in 2018 across all IUM Campuses.

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