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IUM and CIM sign Memorandum of Understanding


IUM Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Kingo Mchombu signing the agreement

The International University of Management (IUM) and Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) last month signed an agreement of cooperation to facilitate academic cooperation between the two institutions.

The intention of the agreement is to strengthen ties between the two training institutions which may, in future, lead to the establishment of one or more partnership agreements for staff exchange purposes, academic cooperation and the delivery of dual awards between the two strategic partner institutions.

As per the agreement, IUM and CIM have also identified other areas for mutual consideration including exchange of documentation and research materials.

Furthermore the, two institutions intend to set up an academic and students exchange programme, joint collaboration research projects, seminars and workshops, promotion of each other’s programmes, joint applied research programmes, development of twinned academic programmes, and collaborative cultural and community outreach activities and lastly. The two parties may, from time to time, also review and explore other programmes and projects that may be deemed fit from time to time.

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