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The unveiling of the multimillion dollar IUM Nkurenkuru New Academic Building was held on the 29 November 2016 in Kavango west region.

IUM’s Nkurenkuru campus officially opened in the Kavango West Region on 29 April 2015. This came after a request for the presence of higher education institutions in the region and specifically that of IUM by the Nkurenkuru community and spearheaded by the Town Council. Upon this request, IUM conducted stakeholder consultations and analysis to determine the demands and needs for higher education in the region. Thus, the unveiling of its new High Tech building worth N$24 million is testimony of IUM management’s response to the call towards the demands and needs of the Nkurenkuru community.

Welcoming the large gathering of invited guests comprising of high government officials and dignitaries, Governor of the Kavango West region Hon. Sirkka Ausiku, reflected down memory lane on the beginning of the road to the establishment of the IUM Nkurenkuru campus. Recounting from the date of the official opening of IUM as the first university to open its doors in Kavango west region, the governor hailed IUM for this achievement as she stated that “IUM responded to our call, and brought, unhesitatingly, its facilities to us when others are still pondering and wavering”. She attested to the short period it took IUM to fulfil its promise to complete the first phase of the institutions’ first Academic building in Nkurenkuru.

Unveiling the High Tech building, former President Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba in his keynote address which was delivered on his behalf by Mr Peter Mwatile, the Executive Director in his office, applauded IUM for becoming a key player in the provision of higher education and training in Namibia. “The strengthening of a robust and sustainable higher education system in Namibia has been one of the priorities of successive Namibian governments, including during my Presidency. IUM has done tremendously well in complementing our collective national efforts and commitment to develop and strengthen higher education in Namibia” Pohamba stressed in his address.

Reinforcing the commitment of IUM to national development in general and the higher education sector in particular IUM Founder, Dr David R. Namwandi stated that “IUM is a demand driven University because most of the programmes offered, if not all, are at the request of stakeholders, e.g. the nursing programme, the Ministry of Health and Social Services requested IUM to mount this programme”. It is therefore undoubtable that IUM is still around 22 years after formulation because its programmes are demand driven and thus delivering the required products.

IUM has mounted new programmes to start in 2017 amongst this under the various Faculties, the following will be offered at Nkurenkuru Campus under the Faculty of Education in addition to what is already being offered:

  • Diploma in Education (Pre and Junior Primary) (NQF Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Education in Pre and Junior Primary Honours (NQF Level 8)
  • Bachelor of Education in Senior Primary Honours (NQF Level 8)
  • Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education Honours (NQF Level 8)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NQF Level 8)

These qualifications will equip individuals who have the zeal to become professionals and broad based qualified teachers and educators. The structures of these qualifications are designed to stretch and challenge student teachers to the maximum, those with the passion for teaching to fulfil their full potential as well as to become defining players in the education system. The basis for the argument is that a teacher must, first and foremost, be a student to be able to be transformed into a fully functional professional. The basic fundamentals of these qualifications are, thus, the importance of literacy and numeracy to personal fulfilment.

Admission requirements differ for each individual qualification and they will be offered at different IUM campuses respectively.

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