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Launch of PhD Programmes at IUM

IUM is set to launch its Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes soon. The programmes will be offered in four areas of specialisation, namely; Business Administration, Information and Communication Technology, Education, and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

The programmes provide opportunities for students who have successfully completed their Masters Degree programmes in the relevant and/or related field, and who fulfil the requirements for admission.

The introduction of these programmes will help transform Namibia and other African nations from being consumers of knowledge in the global arena into comparable, competitive and innovative creators of knowledge through engagement at the highest levels in research and analysis to generate new knowledge and solutions to local, regional and international contexts. The utilization of the highest levels of research capabilities is fundamental to the attainment of national development goals such as NDP4, National Human Resource Plan 2010-2025, and Vision 2030.

The IUM PhD programmes have generated high interest from potential candidates. The first intake for 2017 has (11) candidates who have successfully met the requirements out of more than fifty (50) applicants.

The PhD Programmes are being facilitated by Professor Oladele Arowolo. Prof. Arowolo has extensive experience in PhD supervision and has worked for Ibadan University in Nigeria, the United Nations (UN) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) before joining IUM.

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