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Nurturing Entrepreneurship


Following the launch of the Entrepreneurship Programme through the partnership with Mount Kenya University and in collaboration with the renowned Wadhwani Foundation, the University’s academics were trained through the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) programme. The training was facilitated by the Vice President of Wadhwani for East Africa, Mr Varsy Wanjau.

The highlight was the training of the eight (8) Master Trainers who will be tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the role of training all the other IUM faculty members. Master Trainers are the Faculty members who were already lecturing Entrepreneurship subjects and will now run training programmes for faculty members to become Entrepreneurship Educators. The training enhanced them to leverage their subject matter exposure and draw most value from the programme. They gained the actual learning experience expected to impart to others through directly engaging in the in-class activities as well as understand how to develop initial business models using key assumptions. In addition, through this training, the staff will successfully run the Basic Programme in Entrepreneurship and be able to guide students to discover their strengths in terms of an entrepreneurial founding team and learn basics such as opportunity discovery, prototyping, completion analysis, and early customer insights

The Entrepreneurship Educator Programme will be offered from the second semester which starts in July.

Continuous training sessions with Wadhani Foundation are scheduled for next semester.

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