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IUM and Outjo Municipality Sign a Memorandum of Agreement


The International University of Management (IUM) and the Municipality of Outjo signed a Memorandum of Agreement recently. The agreement states that IUM will run academic programmes in the town of Outjo.

The University will, once again, expand its teaching, training, research, and community outreach to the Outjo community and its surroundings. It will also deliver quality education, training and research programmes, driven by the real needs and the socio-economic challenges of the community. In addition, the agreement also complements the efforts of the Municipality in establishing a sustainable human capacity plan and execute its developmental programmes.

The Mayor of Outjo, Honorable Marious Sikunawa Tuyoleni Sheya, during the signing ceremony thanked the IUM Governing Council and Management for having accepted the proposal to be partners of development in the community. The establishment of an IUM Campus will undoubtedly improve the economic condition of the town and its residents.

IUM equally welcomed the gesture as its presence in Outjo will increase the number of its Campuses to seven which will be another significant milestone in its history in terms of growth and expansion.

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