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Sixty Namibian Students awarded bursaries and study loans


In purple, Mrs Kyllikki Sihlahla, Social Security Commission Board Member, in blue, Mr Konrod Costa, IUM Senior Accountant seated next to three IUM students who benefitted from the funding.

On Thursday, 14 May 2019, the Social Security Commission of Namibia through its Development Fund Programme handed over bursaries and study loans to 60 Namibian students studying agriculture, engineering, education, medicine, vocational training, and social work at various Universities and Technical Institutions in Namibia and South Africa.

Among those who benefitted from the funding were seven students from the International University of Management.

The purpose of the funding is to enable Namibians to pursue qualifications in fields where there is a high skills deficit in order to build a knowledge-based economy.

The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Dr Erkki Nghitimna, in his speech, read on his behalf by his Director, Mr Bro Mathew Shinguandja, pointed out that Namibia faced many challenges such as unemployment , poverty, hunger, and many other societal-ills affected the society. To respond to these and other challenges, the Social Security-Development Fund took a decision some years ago to grant funding in a manner that had the potential to strengthen Namibia’s human resources capacity.

The Chairman of the Social Security Commission, Dr David Uirab said the event was dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the SSC-Development Fund in its quest to accomplish its vision of providing comprehensive social protection to all through labour market interventions. “Today marks the 11th round of awarding bursaries under the Social Security Commission’s Development fund and it is my hope that this will further lead to the realization of the economics of scale, improved benefits, and enhanced administration as well as delivery capacity”, said Uirab.

Mungunda Pekerua, a second year student studying for a Diploma in Health and Wellness at the International University of Management (IUM) is one of the luckiest who benefited from the funding and expressed her excitement about the opportunity of being granted a bursary.

She said she could not control her tears and emotions when she heard the news and she feels honoured to be awarded a bursary from the Social Security Commission. “If it wasn’t because of Social Security Commission, I would have dropped out of University, but for this reason I am going to push hard to deliver meaningful results. I will use the money to pay my tuition fees, buy books, save up some and also help my grandparents who have been there for me always”, said Pekerua

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