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Strengthening Research at IUM


IUM recently revamped its Research Department with a revised Research and Consultancy Policy which will be launched soon. The policy provides, among others, details of the research strategy and how research will be managed at the University for the next five (5) years.

Among others, the policy emphasizes the importance of communicating research outputs through publications in academic peer- refereed journals, publications in professional peer- refereed journals, publication in non-peer-reviewed journals, and websites.

The revamped policy introduces the establishment of research committees both at Faculty level and at overall university level. This allows faculties to encourage all academic staff members to undertake research in their areas of interest.

Furthermore, through this policy the University will create a consultancy centre which will guide how the University conducts consultancies, either alone or with selected partners.

To ensure that the Research and Consultancy Policy is a success, the University will provide strong support in terms of Library resources, IT facilities and professional assistance, computer training and software, resource mobilization, and ethics guidance.

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