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Enhancing cultural literacy in a culturally diverse society


In pursuit of this theme, students demonstrated aspects of cultural medicine, food and clothing to teach others their traditional backgrounds. The students representing the Nama/Damara tradition explained the part of the medicine used to treat various ailments.This interested the audience deeply. Most cultural groups prepared food regarded as delicacies in their tradition and this was enjoyed by many.

In motivating his fellow students, the SRC President, Nestor Metusalem urged them to continue to preserve culture with the popular Oshiwambo saying “Oshilongo shihena omufyuululwa kalo, oshafa olweendo la tumba lihena oku lauka.” Loosely translated, “A country without a culture is like a journey without direction”

During the five days of the festivities, the musical performance from the local artists such as Chesta, Magogoz, 2ko and koxa, Don Princido, Tesh, Beast, Harzard and Nestor, Ndawana and Ama Dance Floor kept the students and visitors entertained.

The event was well-organized; thanks to the following sponsors: Simply You Magazine, Waiggaz events, Haimetu investment cc, A-jay entertainment , Designs by Nestor and Fame Gang

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