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The new kid on the block has arrived. It is making its presence known. The IUM Alumni Association, under the auspices of the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations. This office will be spearheaded by the Director of Alumni Relations and supported by the Alumni Relations Communications Manager, Alumni Relations Events Officer, and the Alumni Relations Administrative Assistant.

You are the notable Alumni that inspires the next generations of IUM alumni. You are a legendary generation and your legacy is beyond your imagination. IUM is very proud of your career path through the years you spend with IUM to enrich yourselves with knowledge and education. You have changed your life with IUM’s experience. You changed the lives of your families. You have changed the world.

The time has arrived to connect with your fellow alumni family and IUM as a world class educational institution. IUM cherishes every moment with its alumni. It hopes and trust to continue this everlasting bond and relationships.

The IUM Alumni Office has planned scheduled events and activities during the course of the year. As IUM Alumni, you are all invited to attend and connect with your classmates, friends, lectures, and Professors. This connection with fellow alumni provides you with the ultimate meeting point for networking and meeting new people in your life.

Make IUM Alumni your Home.

Welcome on board.



The IUM Alumni Association is a family of students who graduated from IUM from the varies faculties such as Business Administration, Education, Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Strategic Management, Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, School of Post graduate studies including CIIP, Center of Environmental studies and Center of Distance and E-learning.

The Association has a catalogue of IUM Alumni activities such as Events, Programs, Community Engagements and Spots Projects. These activities inspire, engage, and supports alumni students. After graduation, all IUM students join the alumni association and become lifelong members of the community.


Is at the heart of the IUM Alumni Association. All the other prongs are connected to the IUM Alumni Association prong. This prong is the center piece of the IUM Alumni Association model which support the network of students who graduated from IUM, to raise the profile of the university. This prong also established the lifelong relationship with IUM alumni across the globe.

Are the alumni themselves. These are alumni who freshly graduated from IUM. They are not registered as members. In order to become a registered member, such alumni must apply for membership to the Association.

Is the IUM Faculty. They will be referred to as “Affinity Groups”. They play a big role in this equation. They will develop activities for alumni who received a qualification in their field of study and obtained a degree in their respective faculty.

Are the Regional campuses, referred to as Chapters. Similarly, they will develop Chapter activities and events.

Is the administration, such as the Office of the Dean of Students which will bring to light the IUM alumni participation in the Cultural Festival and the establishment of the IUM alumni choir. The Registrar’s Office will provide the Office of the Alumni Relations with graduation statistics. Marketing and Communications Department will market all the activities and events of the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations online and in print. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services Department will develop the alumni database and provide training.

Is the Student Sport Clubs which is also a Chapter. They will be responsible for organizing athletics and fun game activities for IUM students and the IUM alumni.

Are the student organisations. They form a Chapter. They include the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), International students, Debating Society etc., Student organisations under the leadership of the SRC will assist with the alumni membership drive for the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations. This Chapter will take up this task at all IUM official functions such as research day, public lectures, community engagement and at student orientations.



The IUM Alumni Association is an association of graduates from IUM. An Alumni of IUM can only become a member of the Association once they have registered and paid the membership fees in full. The memberships are classified into the following four categories:


All IUM graduates who have made the required yearly membership contributions to the Association or who have obtained qualifications from IUM from the various Faculty or Academic Departments and students who have completed at least one year of their academic studies at IUM.


IUM graduates who regularly make their lifetime financial contributions to the IUM Alumni Association. Similarly, students who have obtained qualifications from IUM from the various Faculties or Academic Departments and students who have completed at least one year of their academic studies at IUM.


All recipients of honorary degrees, IUM Founder and Chairperson of the Governing Council, all the Faculty members holding ranks of Professor. The honorary degree recipients shall not have privileges such as holding an office or voting privileges


All the Faculty members or all academic staff members who are Non-graduates. Holders of certificates certified by IUM Council. Students who have completed at least one year of their academic studies at IUM. Associate members do not have privileges such as holding an office or voting privileges.


Regular: N$150.00 (per annum)
Life: N$500.00 (per annum)
Honorary: N$400.00 (per annum)
Associate: N$350.00 (per annum)

How to apply

  • Complete the online application form
  • Upload your proof of payment
  • Upload a copy of your ID


Click on the activity for details

Resource mobilisation is at the heart of the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations. It is an effort to mobilise and secure funding from resource providers for the Alumni Association to carry out its events, programs, community engagements and projects.


Every year IUM through the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations will welcome back its alumni to experience the campus life they left behind. Homecoming provides the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates of the past. At the homecoming event, resource mobilisation will be conducted to solicit funds and donations for the Alumni Association and the university


Each year IUM through the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations will stage a re-union for a particular class. This event will be planned together with the Affinity groups, through the Deans of the various Faculty (Business Administration, Education, Health Studies, Information and communication Technology, Strategic Management, Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management, School of Post Graduate Studies, CIIP – short coursed). Each year a particular Class Re-Union will take place. At the Class Re-Union, resource mobilization will be staged to solicit funds and donations. Other activities to go along with the Class ReUnion will be one of the IUM Founder sport activities.


The IUM Alumni Award ceremony is a platform to recognize and honor distinguish graduates who made an impact in the Namibian society. It recognizes the contributions of graduates. It also recognizes the exemplary ambassadorial role the graduates played in the promotion of IUM globally. It will take place during the IUM alumni homecoming event.


The IUM Alumni meat festival is an event which brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy the meat festival and fun games. This event will BBQ different types of meat, chicken and sausages to sell for a small fee to support the Alumni Association with their events. At this event “Poitjie Kos” will highlight on the menu. The event will be accompanied by fun games such as tug-of-war, musical chairs, jumping castle for kiddies etc.,


The Office of the IUM alumni Relations will organize cruise events at sea for alumni and staff members of IUM to bring together liked minded people to enjoy and explore the wonders at sea. Such a trip is a retreat from the world of work. A day to relax and to enjoy the freshness of the sea. At such a trip the participant will enjoy a glass of good wine, grapes, different types of cheeses and appetizing sea food. At own cost.


Alumni night out at a lodge will provide the perfect opportunity to socialise with your class mates you have not seen for some time. A lodge will provide another type of atmosphere, a home away from home. Alumni can go on walking trails for good exercise, game drives to see animals in their real habitat, watched birds in their natural environment and how they behave, enjoy swimming and enjoy appetising good food. At own cost.


The Alumni Sport and Fun Games strengthen friendships of alumni members. Friendships made through the involvement of sport activities grows the IUM Alumni community. Sport activities will include the following: netball; soccer; volleyball; basketball; athletics – 100m, 200m, relays, 5000m; Fun games will include the following: tug-of-war; musical chairs etc.,


UM students and alumni can benefit from the IUM Research Day. It allows students and alumni to understand published work. It exposes both students and alumni to research collaborative work as well as individual research. Research day also provides recognition to faculty and their students for the research they undertook. Thus, research day provides good lessons of research competencies, research ethics, research presentation skills as well as academic writing of research.


The Public Lectures provides a platform for global citizens to engaged the public on new research, fresh ideas, innovative thinking and creativity. Public lectures are a good way to engage the public in matters of interest. Public lectures provide dissemination of pertinent information which are of interest to the public. It also provides opportunity to engage the public in debate and feedback when needed.


The IUM Alumni Scholarship Program provides 1st year students studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in any field, at IUM that meets the requirements with a full-time IUM Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship will be renewed based on the academic performance of the student(s). Consideration will be given to students with a greater financial need. Student who are successful will be required to provide volunteer services to the Office of the IUM Alumni Relations and the university for the duration of the scholarship or beyond to assist with events, activities and projects.


The IUM Alumni Mentoring Program provides advice and training to someone younger. The program mentors the person to manage their behaviour and learning in life. It is also a great way to discover and develop talent in students. Mentoring is when the experience person and not a novice is taking the responsibility to guide the least experience student. Mentees need to be pared with mentors to invest in a professional relationship.


IUM Alumni Career Guidance Program provides career guidance in the form of group or individual career guidance counselling. Such career guidance will assist the students with the right career path early on in their program of study to engage in occupational exploration in planning their careers for life. The basic purpose of career guidance is to expose students to individual occupations and choices for career paths.


UM Alumni Leadership Program provides and exposes students to the following: What is leadership?; Effective leadership styles; Essential qualities of a leader; Conflict resolution; Dealing with change; Problem solving; Virtual leadership; Building trust and respect etc.,


IUM Alumni Entrepreneurial Program provides students with information to educate students to transform their businesses in profit making entities. The program will expose students to the following: Social entrepreneurialship; Innovative entrepreneurialship; Big business entrepreneurialship; Small business entrepreneurialship; Start-up business entrepreneurialship; What are the current trends in entrepreneurialship? etc.,


IUM Alumni Engagement involves handing over of hampers to the IUM hostel students. Hampers for hostel students will include sanitary pads and toiletries. Hampers for the rural communities will include food parcels. Hampers for rural schools will include stationary and school uniforms.


The Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) according to WHO is an “infection of the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which attacks the body’s immune system, specifically the white blood cells called CD4 cells. HIV destroys these CD4 cells, weakening a person’s immunity against opportunistic infections, such as tuberculosis and fungal infections, severe bacterial infections and some cancers”. Education on HIV/AIDS will disseminate information on the following: Ways HIV/AIDS can be transmitted; Factors that increase HIV/AIDS transmission; HIV/AIDS and drug use; HIV/AIDS symptoms; Stigma and discrimination; HIV/AIDS counselling etc.,


Education on COVID-19 will cover the following topics: Where was COVID-19 first discovered? What is the impact of COVID-19 on education? COVID-19 signs and symptoms; Prevention measures of COVID-19 such as being Vaccinated, wearing face masks, keeping social distancing, washing hands with water and soap, avoiding crowded places indoor and outdoor, self-isolation, healthy diet etc.,


Tutorials in Math, Science and English will be to assist primary school learners to better prepare themselves for high school and university. For Math tutorials – Tutors will help the learners with their math studies. For the Science tutorials – Tutors will help learners understand their science assignments. For English – Tutors will help learners with homework assignments.


IUM Founder Cycling serves to provide individual cyclist with the unique opportunity to compete against the best cyclist in Namibia. By participating in such an event, IUM cyclist and prospects can build stronger physical endurance in preparation for other greater and international cycling events. This event will aid in good health, fitness and mental health. This event is designed with the intention to raise money for the IUM Alumni Association.


IUM Founder Marathon Day is a running event which provides marathon runners with the opportunity to compete against each other for greater marathon events elsewhere in the world. Running in the IUM Founder’s Marathon is a rewarding experience to support the IUM Alumni Association’s fundraising goals. Run for a purpose.


IUM Founder Golf Day is golfing for a purpose. The purpose is to fundraise for the IUM Alumni Association. All participants and teams will be requested to pay an entry fee. The Founder Golf Day will engage serious golfers to compete against each other in preparation for world golf events. The Founder Golf Day will be followed by a fund raising occasion.


IUM Founder Comrades Marathon is an events of all the comrades to join the fun run for a common cause. Such a cause is to raise funds for the IUM Alumni Association. IUM Founder Comrades Marathon is an event which display attributes of passion for the run, determination to complete the run for a good cause.



IUM was founded in 1994. Since then, it has acquired a sizable Alumni base. Here are some notable alumni.


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IUM Alumni Association

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