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Social Science Research is an intellectual and systematic investigation of issue/problems/concerns to create new knowledge and perspectives about the phenomenon under investigation. In fact, universities are the centres for intellectual discourses and research excellence.

This Research Policy is serving as a guideline to stimulate a research culture at IUM and to help this university to be on par with other research universities in the world.

Substantial educational achievement at IUM should be supported and accommodated by scholarly research and their publication. During the first years of its establishment, research was not one of the priorities of IUM.

But as the university started to enrol graduate students, the need to strengthen the research awareness and capacity of IUM academic staff became imperative. The need for a Research Policy and Strategy was recognized as an essential element to guide research activities at IUM.

It was also felt that developing a strong research culture at IUM will further enhance the reputation and recognition of the university.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the Research Policy is to provide a framework on how to initiate and complete systematic and sustained research with respect to:

  • Research planning
  • Programming and implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Publication
  • Building of a Research Culture at IUM
  • Resource planning and sourcing of funding for research

Specific Objectives

  • To enhance IUM’s commitment to research
  • To promote and sustain the corporate image of IUM as a place for scholarly research
  • To build and develop a research culture and to encourage undertaking research for professional and career development
  • To promote and support the knowledge driven economy by utilization of research input
  • To collaborate with national research institutions that promote research, science, technology and innovations
  • To promote research in Managerial Sciences which is at the core of the IUM academic programmes
  • To publish an internationally peer-reviewed journal, The Namibian Journal of Managerial Sciences as the flagship of the university’s research agenda

Review of the Maiden Copy of the Namibia Journal of Managerial Science (NJMS)
By: Dr. Tjingaete and published in New Era

This maiden copy covered a spectrum of topics that are enticing to a social scientist who wants to appreciate the progress that African scholars have made in critiquing their own society, from the African point of view. For a first journal of its kind in Namibia, the glossy cover is not only eye-friendly but the smell of its newness is enticing to open it. The cliché that you should not judge the book by its cover holds true for this journal.

Academic Staff Survey August 04 2016
Survey to determine opinions on how to strengthen research at IUM

This report is based on information obtained from IUM academics through a survey questionnaire administered through their e-mails.

IUM has developed a research policy that is already in place to guide research activities at IUM. Having this policy is an indication of the commitment to which the University is to research as a tool of academic and applied knowledge.

By: Dr. Tjingaete and published in New Era

IUM is living up to its commitment of publishing its quarterly academic journal.

The second volume is fresh from the printer and it carries an avalanche of articles that thematically range between: political economy, micro-economic analysis involving corporate entities and critical/comparative analysis of management systems as they relate to a broad range of issues such as education, energy, health, poverty and employment in Africa.

Where the Journal can be obtained and publishing details

Contact Person: Ms Justine Ndjene
Telephone: +264 61 433 6147
E-Mail: ndjene@ium.edu.na
Printers: NJMS is printed by John Meinert Printing (Pty) Ltd.
Published by: The International University of Management (IUM)
The serial number: ISSN : 2026-8009
Editor: Professor Fred Opali
Journal’s E-Mail Address: editor.njms@ium.edu.na