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IUM has, at its Dorado Park Campus, a female hostel open to female students who are registered with tertiary institutions in Windhoek; however priority placement is given to IUM students.

Commonly known as the Shekinah Block, this student accommodation has 43 rooms catering for 173 female students. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate four students per room. The hostel has a self-catering kitchen equipped with stoves, fridges, and microwaves. In addition, the hostel has a laundry room, lounge/TV room, Wi-Fi, and DSTV.

Fees for 2021 (Fees are revised each year)

January – June
January/February N$3,000.00 (deposit)
March N$1,500.00
April N$1,500.00
May N$1,500.00
June N$1,500.00
Total rent payable for 1st semester N$9,000.00
July – December
July N$3, 000.00 (deposit)
August N$1,500.00
September N$1,500.00
October N$1,500.00
November N$1,500.00
Total rent payable for 2nd semester N$9,000.00
Total Hostel Fees N$18,000.00

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Student Transport

IUM has transport services in Windhoek for students as follows:

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Student Cafeteria

There are two Cafeterias on campus, one in the Tunana Building and another behind the Chancery building. There are variety food, snacks and soft beverages served.

The cafeterias open from 08h40 and close at 16h00

The Cafeterias serve snacks soft beverages and fast foods such as hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, fat cakes ect.

The Cafeterias also serve packages as follow:
Breakfast: from 08h40
Lunch: from 12h30

Lecture Halls

IUM campuses have lecture halls with a sophisticated audio and visual system, and high tech computer laboratories.

All lecture halls and computer labs are accessible for wheel chairs.

Printing/ Photo Copying room

IUM students can make copies and print at the Copy Room using their student cards. Students first have to load money and acquire credit on their student cards at the Finance Department.

Facilities for the disabled

IUM has facilities for the disabled.

Computer Labs

IUM provides central IT facilities together with a wide range of IT support activities and training. All students are issued with their own email when they enrol.

Campus Wireless Network

IUM-STUDENTS is the IUM Campus Wireless Network for students. It offers fast, secure wireless network connectivity from a wide range of locations across IUM's campuses. Wireless access is available to all current students. IUM-STUDENTS can be accessed via any WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device on campus.

Health Information and Support Unit

The Health Information and Support Unit provide any health related information to students and staff.

At this unit the Nurses provide the following services:

Office of the Student Counsellor

The office of the student counsellor provides personal and social assistance to all IUM students and supporting them towards their wellbeing focusing at their emotional, psychological and development at all our six (6) campuses. The office further assists all students to successfully address personal, academic, and social issues that impact their academic progress. The office is aimed at promoting a nourishing environment for the students to thrive and recognize their potential both academically and socially and to ensure that students’ emotional and psychological welfare is being taken of.

Besides that the office is referred to by community members – therefore providing an avenue for community which includes social, emotional, psychological counselling, guidance and moral support. Sometimes this includes academic counselling, helping students on deciding their career or professional track while studying.

All students are therefore welcome to visit the office of the student counsellor in the Tunana Building G-Floor or contact the counsellor: t.nakale@ium.edu.na Tel: 061 433 6000 Cell: 081 392 6568

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