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Mr Michael Mbudje

  • Mr Michael Mbudje is the Dean of Educational Administration and Management. He has been in the education sector for over 20 years and has great knowledge in different subjects.
  • He joined IUM in 2004 where he first served as the Human Resource Manager, and later as a Human Resource Lecturer.
  • He further served as the Director of Studies at IUM and Head of Department of Human Resource.
  • In January 2014, he was appointed as the Dean of Faculty of Education Administration and Management. Prior to joining IUM, Mr. Mbudje was the Rector of the, then, Windhoek College of Education.
  • Mr Mbudje holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education from the University of Namibia, Bachelors of Theology from Urban University in Rome, Bachelors of Education from the University of Namibia and Masters in Education from Umea University in Sweden.

Mr Michael Mbudje

Welcome from the Dean

We would like to welcome you all, in your individual and collective capacity, to the Faculty of Educational Administration and Management which will prepare you for work in one of the oldest professions on earth. It is hoped that you will find courses in this Faculty interesting; not too challenging.

Be assured of unfailing assistance in your studies from a dynamic team of committed and experienced teacher educators.

These educators will not only assist you gain factual knowledge, practical skills, deep insights in the broad and specific areas of operations, but will also help you develop a positive attitude towards this noble profession..

We wish you a successful course of study at this institution.

-Mr. Michael Mbudje

Dean of Faculty

Bachelor Degree in Education : Educational Leadership, Management and Policy


The purpose of this qualification is to impart knowledge and skills in leadership, management, and policy to students with a view to enabling them to interpret texts, work with conflict, diagnose group dynamics, and improvise with competence. The students will, in addition, by means of the questions they ask, be able to enhance the ability of their societies and education systems to face various challenges and thrive as a result. This qualification is valuable because it addresses the pressing need for education leadership in differing institutions and contexts.

Programme Outcomes

Holders of this qualification will be able to:

  • Synthesise information on educational management and leadership and integrate theory and practice.
  • Devise a comprehensive range of learning resources to demonstrate independence, reflective learning, and continuing professional development.
  • Critically evaluate current thinking and research in educational management and leadership and apply it to the school system.
  • Initiate and effect change in the area of education management.

Course Outline
Year 3 (70 Credits)
Leadership and Management Theories and Practices in Education
Project Management
Educational Research Methodology
Legal and Ethical issues in Education
Financial and Operational Management
Computer Modelling for Decision Support
Choose one from the following:
Occupational Safety and Health Management
Instructional Leadership and Curriculum Management
Education and the Mass Media**
Year 4 (120 Credits)
Systems Thinking and Strategic Management
Change Management and Organisational Development in Education
Principles and Practices of Good Governance
Leading Change in the Digital Age
Managing Innovation in Organisations
Case Study: Educational Leadership, Management and Policy
Choose one from the following:
Education Policy and Planning
Leading and Managing People in Education**
Leading for Educational Change in Organisational Settings**