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The qualifications offered in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences are designed to educate and train professional heal workers who are able to adapt to the changing demands of the health care industry in tandem with extending boundaries of healthcare delivery.

It is envisaged that the qualification will equip students with high quality career orientated health education that meets the lifelong learning needs of the students.

Our Faculty offer a variety of clinical, educational, training and academic career options in the context of Health care, science and research. The Faculty has three departments (Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Department Health and Wellness and Department of Pharmacist Assistant) offering both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and clinical courses. Our qualifications are designed to respond to health challenges in Namibia, Africa and Global. Our students are prepared with appropriate skills for the health care industry. Our team of academic staff work hard and are dedicated to produce competent caring health care practitioners who are passionate about impacting the health and lives of the community.

The following qualifications are offered in the Faculty:

  • Certificate in Pharmacist’s assistant
  • Certificate in Health and Wellness Studies
  • Diploma in Health and Wellness Studies
  • Bachelor in Health and Wellness Studies
  • Bachelor in Nursing Honours Degree
  • Post graduate diploma in Paediatric Nursing
  • Master Degree in Nursing Science
  • Master in HIV/AIDS Management


Pofessor Agnes van Dyk

  • Professor Agnes van Dyk is the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at IUM with effect from 01 April 2013.Prior to IUM, she was employed by UNAM as a full professor till see retired in 2012.
  • Prof van Dyk holds a PhD in Nursing from the University of Namibia and various Professional nursing qualifications.
  • Prof. van Dyk has over over twenty years of experience in nursing education in Namibia.

Pofessor Agnes van Dyk

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at IUM. The faculty is located at Dorado Campus.

We have a vibrant and unique identity rooted in our innovative and critical approach to nursing and health science education

The Department offers a teaching programme Bachelors of Nursing Honours Degree of high academic quality.

Theoretical and clinical nursing education is offered simultaneously and our students are allocated to clinical sites early in the program me.

We have cooperated agreements with the private and public health care institutions to accommodate the students for clinical learning experiences.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are prepared for the workplace when they leave IUM!

-Professor Agnes van Dyk

Director of School of Health Sciences

Certificate in Pharmacist Assistant

Please contact The Pharmaceutical Society of Namibia (PSN) at edudesk@psn.com.na or +264612926303 (not IUM) should you require any further information on the minimum requirements in order to enroll. Note that enrollment for 2022 will open in August 2021 and September 2021 and all applicants for this training course must be employed in a Namibian Pharmacy (Full Time).

Bachelor in Nursing Honours Degree


The purpose of the Bachelor in Nursing Honours degree programme is to provide the Namibian nation with nurse practitioners who have sufficient expertise in dealing with the most pressing health problems in the country. It aims to provide students with the competency to analyse, integrate, and apply scientific, theoretical, and clinical knowledge in their daily practice. The qualification is designed to train professional nurses who are able to adapt to the changing roles of the nursing profession in tandem with extending boundaries of nursing practice. It is envisaged that the qualification will equip students with high quality career-oriented nursing education that meets the lifelong learning needs of the student.

Programme Outcomes

Holders of this qualification will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of ethical, moral, legal and professional principles in caring for patients.
  • Diagnose patient problems that need nursing care, draw up a nursing care plan, implement the plan and evaluate the outcome.
  • Conduct nursing research and critically analyse results to be implemented in nursing practice.
  • Manage a health care unit by applying and critiquing management principles.


Progression/advancement Regulations

NS 1: NS 1: The minimum duration of study for this programme shall be 4 years, with a maximum of 6 years for completion.

NS 2 : The curriculum consists of 494 credits in total gained in the following :

  • 14 semester courses
  • 18 year courses
  • 2,200 practical hours (notional)

NS 3 : A student wishing to proceed to the following year of study must pass the pre-requisite of a course or subject.

NS 4 : Students register for all the courses of the programme in the first year

NS 5 : To proceed to the second (2nd) year of study, a student must pass:

  • Nursing Science 1
  • Community Health 1
  • Biological Sciences
  • Clinical Nursing 1
  • Introduction to Midwifery Science

NS 6 : To proceed to the third (3rd) year of study, a student must pass:

  • Nursing Science 2
  • Community Health 2
  • Biological Sciences
  • Clinical Nursing 2
  • Midwifery 2

NS 7 : To proceed to the fourth (4th) year of study, a student must pass:

  • Nursing Science 3
  • Mental Health
  • Clinical Nursing 3
  • Midwifery 2 ?????***
  • Research Methodology

N8 8 : In years 4, 5, and 6 the remaining courses must also be passed.

Course Outline
Year 1 (104 Credits)
Nursing Science I: Foundation of Nursing
Community Health Nursing I
Introduction to the Philosophy of Care
Clinical Nursing I
Introduction to IT for Nursing Practitioners and Administrators
Communication Skills
Biological Sciences: Applied Anatomy & Physics
Introduction to Midwifery Science
Introduction to Psychology for Nurses
Critical Thinking Skills
Year 2 (118 Credits)
Nursing Science II: Medical & Surgical Conditions General
Midwifery Science I
Community Health Nursing II
Biological Sciences: Physiology & Biochemistry
Clinical Nursing II
Pharmacology for Nurses
Microbiology for Nurses
Year 3 (128 Credits)
Nursing Science III: Medical and Surgical Conditions
Midwifery Science II
Community Health Nursing III
Research Methodology in Health Sciences
Clinical Nursing III
Mental Health Nursing
Year 4 (144 Credits)
Nursing Science IV: Specialised Units
Midwifery Science III
Professional Practice & Ethics in Nursing
Health Research Report
Health Service Management (Unit Level)
Clinical Nursing IV
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