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The International University of Management School of Postgraduate Studies is designed to facilitate a sustainable transition for aspiring candidates from acquiring knowledge towards an advanced stage and application beyond the curriculum. Through various academic programmes, the Postgraduate School strives to become an internationally recognized centre that provides exceptional graduate education, research, innovation and leadership skills, and thereby contributing to the development of the International University of Management as a leading research-intensive university in the world.


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Prof. Marius Hedimbi

Prof. Marius Hedimbi Hails from Ohangwena Region, Namibia. He holds the following qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, and Molecular and Physiological Biology), Master of Science (Cum laude) in Applied Biology, and PhD in Microbiology. He joined UNAM in 2009 as a Lecturer in the department of Biological Science (Faculty of science. Later he became a senior Lecturer in the department of Microbiology (School of Medicine, UNAM). He became an associate professor at UNAM. He is currently a Professor at International University of Management.

He served as in the following administrative positions: Director: Graduate School of Business, International University of Management; Coordinator: School of Postgraduate Studies, International University of Management; Dean: School of Dental, Pharmaceutical and Health Services, NITED Polytechnic; Director: Centre for Postgraduate Studies, University of Namibia; Vice chairperson: Africa Inter-professional Education Network (AfrIPEN); Vice chairperson: National Student Research Symposium (NSRS); Administrative Coordinator: Consortium of New Medical Schools in Southern Africa (CONSAMS).

He served in various committee and subcommittees both at national and international levels and has extensive exposure and collaborations with international Universities. The international exposure is very relevant when it comes to applying “Best-practices” at IUM in his capacity as Director for the Graduate School of Business and Coordinator: School of Postgraduate Studies. He participated in various international linked collaboration, research, fundraising/ grant writing and publications.


Prof. Marius Hedimbi

Welcome from the Coordinator

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the IUM School of Postgraduate Studies. The decision to pursue a postgraduate degree will be one of the most important investments you will make in your life.

The Postgraduate School aims to promote the highest quality of graduate education. The school trains interdisciplinary leaders who will drive innovation to resolve complex national and global problems in a holistic way, and to meet society`s most pressing needs.

The school offers various Master’s and PhD qualifications that cover a wide range of disciplines which are taught by academia’s highly qualified and experienced academics.

We wish you the best academic experience with IUM.

Professor Marius Hedimbi

Coordinator: Postgraduate Studies

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