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Ms Alpha Ndeunyema
Dean of Education & Lecturer
Tel: 061- 4336143
Teaching interest: Micro teaching, Teaching Methods (Commerce), Research Methodology
Research interest: Educational Policy, Planning & Development, Educational Technology, Mobile Learning, Design-Based Research
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed- Master in Education ( Administration, Planning and Social policy), Studies: Ph.D-Education ( Educational Technology)

Dr. Sirkka Tshiningayamwe
Head of Department (HOD): Secondary Education & Lecturer
Tel: 061- 4336142
Teaching interest: Environmental Education, Geography Education, Teaching methods of Science
Research interest: Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and quality education, teacher education and development of ESD competencies, and research on transformative governance for an inclusive, innovative and responsible blue society
Qualifications and Further Studies:PhD: Environmental Education

Dr. C.A.Oyedokun
HOD (Post Graduate studies & Senior Lecturer
Tel: 061-4336197
Teaching interest: Curriculum Planning and Development, Assessment in Education, Agriculture Education, Research Methodology, Organizational Behavior in Education
Research interest: Curriculum Planning and development, Educational Administration and Planning, Research, Science Education
Qualifications and Further Studies:Ph.D. Science Education( Curriculum and Instructions)

Mr Pontianus Kamunima
HOD Primary Education and Lecturer
Tel: 061- 4336143
Teaching interest: Teaching Method (Indigenous Language and English second language), Rumanyo, Curriculum Planning and Development, Educational law and Policy
Research interest: Educational Management, law and Policy, Language studies, Curriculum studies
Qualifications and Further Studies:Diploma in Education Language Studies, Further Diploma in Education, Bachelor in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, Master in Education Curriculum Studies

Mr Daniel Mbangula
Tel: 0814161561
Teaching interest: Physical education, Agriculture in education, Elementary Agriculture
Research interest: Educational Management and policy studies
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed in educational management and policy studies, Studies: PhD in educational management and policy studies

Mrs Evangelista Endunde
Tel: 061- 4336000
Teaching interest: Micro teaching senior, Numeracy, Foundation, Micro teaching Junior, Principles & Approaches of early childhood, Assessment in Education
Research interest: Early childhood: Children’s learning and development; concept acquisition in diverse cultural contexts of primary schooling, Lower Primary teacher training, Research Methodology
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed- Master in Education, Studies: Ph.D-Education

Mrs Zoachina Gontes
Tel: 0811484394
Teaching interest: English Language Education I, Natural Science and Health Education I, Natural Science and Health Education II, Natural Science and Health Education III
Research interest: Corrective Feedback on written work, Usage of discourse markers to achieve cohesion and coherence in written work
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed- Master of Education in English Language Teaching (ELT), Studies: Ph.D in English

Mrs Fredricka Ndeshi Immanuel
Tel: +264811271797
Teaching interest: Micro teaching I, Early Childhood Classroom management, Health and wellness, Nutrition
Research interest: Educational Psychology & HIV/AIDS Management, Counseling
Qualifications and Further Studies: M.Ed- Psychology, HIV/AIDS Management, Studies: Ph.D-Health and Wellness

Dr. James Guest
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 061-4336143
Teaching interest: Assessment in Education, Digital-Age Leadership, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Human Resources, Project Management in Education
Research interest: Educational Leadership and Management, Assessing student learning
Qualifications and Further Studies:Ph.D in Educational Leadership

Mr David M. Mateu
SBS Coordinator & Lecturer
Tel: 081 430 2742
Teaching interest: Micro teaching, Children’s Literature, Assessment in Education (Pre & Junior), Social Studies Education, Teaching & Learning in higher Education, School Based Studies, Research Supervision
Research interest: Linguistics, Educational Research, Development Studies
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed- Master in Education ( Language & Literacy Studies), B.A Hons (English), Studies: Ph.D-Education

Ms L-N. Katoma
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 061- 4336143
Teaching interest:Basic Mathematics, Principles and Practices of Good Governance, Managing Innovation in Organisations, Project Management, Environmental Education, Life Skills
Research interest: Environmental Learning
Qualifications and Further Studies:M.Ed - Master in Education (Environmental Education)

Michael Antonius Mbudje
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 061- 4336175
Teaching interest:Educational Foundations 1, History Education 1, Legal and Ethical Issues in Education, Leadership and Management in Education, Education Theory and Practice
Research interest: History
Qualifications and Further Studies:M. Ed : Leadership and Management

Dr. F. Ngwenya
Teaching interest:-
Research interest: -
Qualifications and Further Studies:-