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IUM Dorado Campus
21 - 31 Hercules Street
Private Bag 14005

Telephone: +264 - 61 – 4336000
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IUM Tunana Building unveiled

Tunana Building completes the second phase of the Hi-Tech Dorado campus since its inauguration on 26 April 2011. Worth 45 million, the new IUM Building added space for 1500 students in lecture halls and seminar rooms plus over 50 offices for Professors and Lecturers.


IUM Brings Together its Alumni

In an effort to revive the Alumni Association, the International University of Management (IUM) hosted a Get-together dinner for its graduates at Nampower Convention Centre on 14 August 2015. The event was graced by Tan Sri Prof. Dato Dr. T. Marimuthu an Adjunct Professor at the School of Education and Cognitive Sciences at Asia e University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


IUM launches Journal

Mrs. Virginia Namwandi, Vice-Chancellor of IUM before launching the journal said that after several debates on a suitable name and having noticed that a journal devoted to and focused on Management did not, at the time, exist in Namibia, the university thought that it was useful to fill this gap, and settled on the name ‘Namibia Journal of Managerial Sciences' (NJMS).