IUM Societies

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Society

IUM Tourism Society aim to:

  • Promote tourism awareness by working hand in hand with the government institutions, IUM and other lectures and private institutions.
  • To empower fellow students with knowledge and skills.
  • To hold intelligent, factual debates on issues effecting tourism
  • A comparison of the problems associated with the academic and practical study of tourism.
  • Awareness of approaches towards managing hotels, lodges, guesthouses, restaurants, resorts etc.
  • Creating knowledge of tourism attractions in the world.
  • Understanding social, technological, economic and political influences on tourism demand and supply.
  • Reviewing strategies and techniques that may be implemented to measure and qualify the impacts of tourism on the environment.
  • Film screening and mass media
  • Tour operating for IUM (such as tour trips, event planning).
  • Learning basic words and greetings of different languages.

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Information Communication Technology Society

Founded on 3 March 2014 with 166 members, the society aims to promote, amongst others, creativity, capability and competence among students in order to make them first-rate professionals in Information Technology. The society also caters for the specific needs of the industry, government, or public and private sectors, and enhances the employability of the entrants in the field of Information technology. Furthermore, the society aims to become a professional forum for the IT students in the whole University. The collection and the dissemination of information regarding the ICT sector of the Economy and contribution towards the empowerment of the General Population of Namibia through Awareness Initiatives that relate to ICT is hoped to be the hallmark of this society.

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Marketing Society

The marketing society aims to create links between the university and industry (market ground) through practical, education and communication. The marketing society is to help students (who are members) in all faculties offered to acquire practical working experience and knowledge to prepare them for the job market, the society is open to all students in all faculties to enrol and share in the experience.

As the working experience dominates the industry in our country, IUM marketing society is prepared to work face to face with the public, private. Non-governmental and other sectors operating in the industry in contributing a positive impact on work experience. The slogan: Exposure with No limit” it motivates the willingness of all students and staff to make sure they do their best to satisfy the Namibian industry by providing with its quality staff business and they do it honestly and minimize the lack minded of experience to the future IUM graduates.

It provides working experience to the students and promote the International university of management at the same time enhancing its reputation. The society is introduced to different companies related to faculties in IUM by asking them to provide the students with part-time, daily work and job attachments, which will be based on: stock taking, promotions, merchandising, waiters and many more.

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Art Society

The IUM Art Society is an organization committed to furthering students’ artistic capabilities and diversifies them in the best way possible. The mission of the society is to provide services in order to prepare its members for advancement of artistic activities and educating students about the diversion of art. The International University of Management-Art Society provides the opportunities to meet and speak with professionals in the field thus it will promote the communication with other Art society’s with the same objective. This organization is a non-profit organization.

The vision is to promote the culture of Art, locally and internationally, to unite with other tertiary institutions and be one huge community with a common goal. By so doing, we will bridge the gap or loop holes of hatred and comparison to another; between, local tertiary institutions. To build a place of peace and unity, where students can help ease or reduce their stress levels etc.

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AISEC Society

AIESEC Namibia was formed in July 2013 and has branches at the University of Namibia and Namibian University of Science and Technology and recently opened its doors at the International University of Management. Since the start of its operations, AIESEC Namibia has sent 26 students on volunteering internships to countries like Brazil, India, Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius, China, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa, and three students on professional internships to Portugal and India.

AIESEC is an international, not-for-profit, non-political organization run by students and recent graduates at institutions of higher education across 129 countries and territories. AIESEC platform provides students with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships, and a global learning environment.

AIESEC is an international, not-for-profit, non-political organization run by students and recent graduates at institutions of higher education across 129 countries and territories. AIESEC platform provides students with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships, and a global learning environment.

This year AIESEC IUM is hoping to send at least 30 students to go do internships abroad under the Global Community Development Programme and seven others to go do internships on professional level in countries AIESEC Namibia is in Partner with.Since its establishment at IUM, AIESEC has about 32 active members making it one of the most active societies at the university with disciplined team that is working around the clock to make sure they achieve the annual objectives. AIESEC IUM alone this year participated in conferences and seminar to empower the members with relevant skills that will enable them to be good productive leaders of tomorrow. AIESEC IUM encourages students that want to do internships abroad to search them on Facebook for more information.

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NANSO Society

NANSO IUM BRANCH does not only strive for students rights at IUM, but with herculean intellectual strength for academic attainment for our fellow scholars. The society is geared to tune our student minds to an arduous mind-set.

The Society furthermore strives to establish links of cooperation, mutual understanding, solidarity and friendship amongst local and foreign students at IUM, and bringing together various societies on campus.

With various activities that are held throughout the academic year, NANSO makes thee University stand out in the public eye and be known for its surpassing management skills.

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HIV/AIDS Management Society

The students in the Faculty of HIV/AIDS Management identified the need of a society on HIV/AIDS in the university, with the aim of creating HIV/AIDS awareness among students, staff, and the community at large through information, education and communication. The society is designed to enable students (who are members) in the field of HIV/AIDS Management to acquire practical knowledge and experience to prepare them for the job market. Though the society is mainly open for HIV/AIDS Management students, it does not prevent students from other faculties to enrol and share in the experience.

The aim is to create HIV/AIDS awareness and support behaviours change intervention among the students (tertiary and secondary and render HIV/AIDS information and educational services to the out-of-school youth.

Since HIV/AIDS is the main threat to the Namibian economy, the IUM HIV/AIDS Society works hand in hand with public, private, civil societies, non-governmental organizations and other sectors operating in the field of HIV/AIDS in combating the devastating impacts of HIV/AIDS.

The slogan of the society is “(Go for the Fight)” and implies the willingness and commitment of all students and staff of the university to actively engage in various relevant activities to fight HIV/AIDS in an effort to reduce new infections by taking responsibility in promoting abstinence, the practicing of safer sex and ultimately working towards helping people in sustained behaviour change, especially in the contextual and current issues of multiple concurrent partnership, alcohol abuse and low and inconsistent use of condoms.

The society has a mission to provide knowledge, information, and educational services in the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS.

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Debate Society

The IUM Debate Society promotes communication and advocacy skills, encourages critical and creative thinking abilities, and enhances the reputation of the university both locally and nationally. The society deals with current affairs that are affecting the society on a daily basis. Debate tackles the issues that have impact on society by debating on them finding solutions. Debate society, in addition help students take on leadership roles at an early age.

Students in debate team are inspired and have more knowledge. They have the opportunity to travel the world, country, and other universities to compete against the biggest debating teams nationally and internationally.

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